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Weather at PCSC

wire waves
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Paradise Coast Sports Complex is committed to keeping all athletes, guests, and staff safe, including from the dangers of weather and environment. It is important to know the harms, risks, and appropriate ways to react to a weather emergency or situation. Knowing when to seek shelter and recognizing potential weather hazard is essential.

Paradise Coast Sports Complex is monitored by ThorGuard, which is mounted atop The Market and sounds one long horn when severe weather has been detected. ALL athletes and guests must evacuate the facility immediately when the alert horn sounds. The ThorGuard sensor light also blinks yellow when severe weather has been detected, and continues to do so until the threat has safely passed.

The ThorGuard monitor sounds three “all clear” horn blasts when the severe weather detection has passed, and the yellow warning light stops blinking. When appropriate, PCSC staff will then re-open the complex for use.

Click on the button below to be taken to the ThorGuard website to see the LIVE monitor system for our PCSC complex.