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Open Play Field Use

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OPEN Play is generously sponsored by NCH

PCSC WAIVER - MUST Be Completed And Signed Before Play Begins

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Open Play is now generously sponsored by NCH

Open Play Policy

Open play is permitted during daylight hours, from opening until dusk on Fields 1-4. The Stadium is not available for Open play at any time.

Fields are available for Open play when there is not a paid rental, however fields may also not be available due to maintenance or event preparation. Please call ahead to determine Open play status.

Field lighting will only be used for groups who have rented fields.

Organized play must have a rental reservation (see below).

Open Play users must check in with Facility staff.

Open Play users are not entitled to use goal equipment without prior permission from Facility staff.

*If you would like to rent the fields for a sporting event or occasion, please call the PCSC office, during normal business hours, at (239) 252-4386 or email info@playparadisecoast.com.

Local use/Open play is determined as:

  • Unorganized pick up play (no set teams/uniforms/officials)
  • Small group led training and Parent/Child tuition
  • Groups of not more than 12 individuals

Open Play is NOT:

  • Any organized group training/tuition with a coach/trainer
  • Any training or tuition with compensated trainer/coach
  • Any marketing or promotional activity
  • Groups of more than 12
  • Any of these activities require a paid rental for facility use
  • No unauthorized outside food or beverage. A single, refillable bottle will be approved (no single use bottles or cups).
  • All organized play must be permitted by Complex Management
To see a full list of complex Policies, please CLICK HERE.

To see the calendar of scheduled events at PCSC, click below.