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Code of Conduct Open Letter 083022

Local Use/Open Play

Local use/Open play is permitted during daylight hours, from opening until dusk on Fields 1-4. The Stadium is not available for Local use/Open play at any time.

Fields are available Local use/Open play when there is not a paid rental, however fields may also not be available due to maintenance or event preparation. Please call ahead to determine Local use/Open play status

Field lighting will only be used for groups who have rented fields.

Organized play must have a rental reservation (see below).

Local Use/Open Play users must check in with Facility staff

Local Use/Open Play users are not entitled to use goal equipment without prior permission from Facility staff.

*If you would like to rent the fields for a sporting event or occasion, please call the PCSC office, during normal business hours, at (239) 252-4386 or email info@playparadisecoast.com

Local use/Open play is determined as:

  • Unorganized pick up play (no set teams/uniforms/officials)
  • Small group led training and Parent/Child tuition
  • Groups of not more than 12 individuals

Open Play is NOT:

  • Any organized group training/tuition with a coach/trainer
  • Any training or tuition with compensated trainer/coach
  • Any marketing or promotional activity
  • Groups of more than 12
  • Any of these activities require a paid rental for facility use

Other Complex Policies:

  • No unauthorized outside food or beverage. A single, refillable bottle will be approved (no single use bottles or cups). Reasonable accommodations will be made for medically necessary food/beverages, food sensitivities or allergies, special dietary needs, and baby food and formula.
  • All organized play must be permitted by Complex Management
  • Team or Gate Fees must be paid when assessed
  • Remain vigilant for balls, or flying objects when visiting the Complex
  • Minors must be under responsible adult supervision at all times
  • No climbing fences or accessing locked areas of facility
  • Smoking, vaping and other tobacco products are prohibited inside the Complex
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside the Complex perimeter
  • Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the Complex at any time
  • Dogs must be well-behaved, leashed and cleaned up after. Dogs are not permitted in the stadium, except for documented service animals.
  • No bicycles, skates or scooters in Sports Complex or Stadium perimeter
  • No glass bottles or containers
  • No Food on Sports Fields
  • No tents, chairs, or similar equipment may be placed on any turf field within the full-sized soccer field boundaries.  Lawn chairs can be used on the cement areas of the complex.
  • In only the case of small-sided soccer matches, each team may use one tent on the team sideline to shelter the players but it cannot be staked down or damage the field in any way.
  • Expressly no Chewing Gum, Seeds or Shelled Snacks
  • Do not damage plants or lighting fixtures
  • Stay out of landscaping features
  • Do not remove stones, mulch or sand from landscaping
  • Outdoor showers are for rinsing and cooling down only, not bathing.  Appropriate attire is mandatory at all times.
  • No Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia of any kind
  • Use bar game equipment only for intended purpose
  • Use of Drones prohibited unless permission granted by Complex management
  • No Inappropriate, anti-social, violent, or threatening language, actions, or gestures
  • Vehicles parked illegally without proper designation will be towed at owner’s expense
  • Vehicles are parked at owner’s risk; The Complex is not responsible for damage or theft
  • No overnight parking
  • Do not litter: Dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles
  • All visitors must follow direction of Complex staff, Facility Security and Law Enforcement Officers
  • No soliciting
  • Local Field Use / Open Play – Please see the policy below