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Event Tickets at PCSC

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Tickets for events at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex

There are numerous types of events held at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex.  Some are put on the PCSC and it’s partners/sponsors and some are put on by private entities that rent out the facility.  You should be aware of the type of event that you are coming to when visiting the complex.

Most community events, although not all of them, put on by PCSC and it’s partners/sponsors, like holiday festivals and the like, are free to attend (Fall Fest, Snow Fest, Eggstravaganza, etc.).  Although, please keep in mind, there may be areas of the park or parts of the event or even private vendor areas that have charges to them. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Other events, like concerts, sports tournaments, club tournaments and semi-pro sporting events rent the facilities from PCSC and may charge fees for entry into those events.  Those are not controlled by PCSC or our staff and quite often will have a separate website to purchase tickets in advance.

When we know of events that have other websites to purchase tickets in advance, we will put a link to those websites further below on this page.  Thank you.


PCSC stadium full house
A nearly-full house watches Ohio State play Harvard in men's lacrosse on Feb. 26, 2022, at PCSC Stadium.