Naples, Florida, is known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious lifestyle. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the indoor dining and shopping experiences, let’s not forget the beauty of being outdoors. There’s a perfect spot for anyone looking to spend a night out at The Cove, an outdoor beer and wine bar at Paradise Coast Sports Complex. This spot is not only for sports enthusiasts but also a destination for locals and tourists looking for an exciting night out.


The Cove offers a lively atmosphere with a variety of yard games available, cornhole bean bag toss, bocce ball, and ping pong. Patrons can relax and have some food and drinks while enjoying these games with friends. The food trucks available at The Cove bring unique and diverse foods, including tacos, hot dogs, and BBQ, creating an endless selection for foodies to indulge hunger cravings.


If you’re the type of person who prefers working out while being outdoors, The Cove has got you covered. You can enjoy jogging around the two-thirds-of-a-mile man-made lake loop with workout stations along the way, providing visitors with both a fantastic view and workout options. For adventure seekers, there’s also a climbing wall and a beautiful beach volleyball court.


Every day is a good day to visit The Cove, with live music and TV’s available for sports events fanatics, making it easy for everyone’s preferences. One can attend different theme nights ranging from poker on Tuesdays to Bingo on Wednesdays, with a movie night every third Thursday. Select Fridays are “Live @ The Cove” with local live music, setting a good mood for the weekend, with Saturdays reserved as Sunset Saturdays, featuring live reggae music.


The Cove is the perfect outdoor destination, with a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all. There are plenty of reasons to visit this spot, whether you’re looking to have a fun night out, craving tasty food options from a food truck, or want to participate in physical activities outdoors. The spot’s combination of live music, food trucks, and games sets it apart from traditional bars, making it unique and a must-visit spot for locals and tourists.


The Cove is the ultimate spot for an outdoor night out in Naples. With its lively atmosphere, sporting activities, and delicious food options from food trucks, everyone’s preferences can easily be accommodated. Its family-friendly environment offers something for everyone, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaving the kids behind. Grab some friends, and head over to The Cove to create unforgettable memories.